South Miami Dental Cleaning & Exam

Keep your mouth healthy all year long

Enjoy your routine dental care

There’s no better feeling than a clean, refreshing smile and a plan for maintaining or improving your oral health. That’s what our routine dental cleaning visits are all about. Visit us every 6 months (or as directed) and we’ll help ensure your smile stays healthy and bright. 

Why every 6 months?


Prevent the buildup of tartar on the teeth


Detect signs of tooth decay or gum disease at their earliest stage


Diagnose and treat other oral health issues while they’re still easily treatable

South Miami Dental Cleaning and Exam at Pinecrest Smiles

Dental cleanings & exams at Pinecrest Smiles

These routine appointments are friendly, personalized, and include a combination of modern, high-tech tools to ensure your comfort and outstanding results.

  • Digital x-rays (once a year)
  • Teeth cleaning with your hygienist
  • Dental exam, including gum disease and oral cancer screenings
  • Time with Dr. Shapiro to identify concerns 
  • A custom-tailored treatment plan, as needed

“Absolutely fantastic! My hygienist takes such good care of me and Dr. Shapiro inspects my teeth thoroughly! I am lucky to have the best dentist in town!”

— Jean M.

Common questions about comprehensive dental exams

What happens during a teeth cleaning?

During the appointment, your hygienist will gently scrape tartar and plaque off your teeth and along the gum line. We may use an ultrasonic vibrating device to break up tartar on your teeth, as necessary.

After removing all the plaque and tartar, we’ll floss between your teeth. Finally, it’s time for polishing! Polishing your teeth makes it more difficult for plaque to accumulate before the next cleaning. It also gives your teeth that signature “slippery clean” feeling!

    Is it painful to get teeth cleaned?

    Our hygienists are skilled at providing a comfortable experience. If you have a lot of tartar and plaque buildup, we will provide anesthesia so the procedure can be accomplished painlessly. 

    How much does a teeth cleaning usually cost?

    Major insurers like Delta Dental, United Healthcare, Cigna, and many others cover hygiene/preventive appointments 100%. Depending on your insurance plan, your exam and cleaning will likely be covered in part or in full! Our front office staff will check your benefits and provide an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs.

      What to expect

      Stress-Free Care

      We offer honest feedback about keeping your smile clean and healthy.

      Safety First

      Medical-grade sterilization and PPE ensure your safety during dental cleanings.

      Insurance Accepted

      Major insurers typically cover 100% of routine care like cleanings.

      Patient Stories

      How to get started

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      1. Request Appointment

      Contact us online or call (305) 233-8000. We’re here to answer all your questions.

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      2. Enjoy Your Visit

      Dental cleanings and exams typically take 45 minutes.

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      3. Love Your Healthy Smile

      Know you’re doing a great job taking care of your health and your smile!

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      “No question about it, #1 top-notch dentist. He’s a perfectionist and doesn’t settle for half-assed work. He will get it right and do an outstanding job every time — no shortcuts. Very likable guy and the staff is extremely caring and friendly.”

      — Mary T.